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Backdoor Chicken

Flock to Backdoor Chicken
Only Available Mondays. Get it before it’s gone.

No one gives you the bird better than Velvet Taco;
a whole, slow-roasted rotisserie chicken and more for only $15.

Velvet Taco created the infamous Backdoor Chicken for those who need a quick meal but don’t want to sacrifice quality and flavor over convenience. We start with fresh, premium ingredients and it just gets better from there. Our chicken is brined and marinated in-house for 48 hours. Then we roast it in our rotisserie over an open flame. Corn and flour tortillas are made fresh every day. We know it’s a bit extra but definitely worth it for dinner with the family or meal prep for the week.

Whatcha Get

Our scratch recipe all starts with fresh, premium ingredients.

  • 1 Whole Rotisserie Chicken
  • 6 Tortillas
  • 3 Sides
  • 2 Hot sauces
Flock to our Backdoor Chicken - $15

Here’s how you get
your Backdoor chicken

  1. Go to your favorite Velvet Taco restaurant.

  2. Strut to the door

    (it could be a window, side door, drive through, backdoor; it depends on your Velvet Taco)
  3. Order your Backdoor Chicken meal and hand us $15.

  4. Wait a few minutes, and we will hand you your box!

  5. Now all you have to do is try not to eat it in the car on the way home.

  6. Ready, set, go!
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Back alley access to backdoor chicken

Origin Story: Let’s throw it
back to our OG days

In 2011 the original (OG) Velvet Taco opened its doors (and backdoor) in the vibrant neighborhood of Knox-Henderson in Dallas, Texas. Rumors spread that you could receive a whole rotisserie chicken, homemade tortillas and sides for $15 when you knock on the backdoor. Eight years later… rumors are still true! We’re still serving up the same delicious recipes made with the highest quality ingredients and bold flavors as another way for you to enjoy Velvet Taco in your home, office or party. The only difference now is you don’t have to go knocking on our backdoor anymore to order your bird to go.

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