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Catering Menu

$1.00 upcharge for beef or fish
48 Tacos
(select up to 4 taco options) 20-24 guests $265

24 Tacos
(select up to 3 taco options) 10-12 guests $140

12 Tacos
(select up to 3 taco options) 5-6 guests $70

10-12 guests

24 Taco Box (select up to 3 Tacos)
2 sides (elote, queso, or classic guac)
half red velvet cake

$16 ea.

Select up to 2 taco options with your choice of elote, queso, or classic guac, served with chips.

+$1 per beef or fish taco.

Red curry coconut queso & chips✝︎**(GF)
Size Name Size Amount Serves Price
Regular 48 oz.  10-14 guests $50.00
Large 72 oz. 15-20 guests $65.00

560 cal. per 4oz.

Queso Blanco & chips✝︎(V)(GF)
Size Name Size Amount Serves Price
Regular 48 oz.  10-14 guests $50.00
Large 72 oz. 15-20 guests $65.00

640 cal. per 4oz.

Elote & chips✝︎ (V)(GF)
Size Name Size Amount Serves Price
Regular 48 oz. 10-14 guests $55.00
Large 72 oz. 15-20 guests $70.00

480 cal. per 4oz.

Classic guac & chips✝︎ (V)(GF)
Size Name Size Amount Serves Price
Large 80 oz. 15-20 guests $65.00

240 cal. per 4oz.

Name Price
Hot Sauces $6.50

Red velvet

Name Serves Price
Half cake 12-15 guests $40
Whole cake 24-30 guests $65

1020 cal. per slice.

Gallon Sweet Tea/Black Tea (Serves 8-10) = $10
Bag of Ice = $2.00
Can Coke = $2.75
Can Diet Coke = $2.75
Can Dr. Pepper = $2.75
Topo Chico = $3.75
Velvet Taco Bottle Water = $2.50

At participating locations
Kick ass margarita

Name Serves Price
Rocks, serve over ice
Small Group Serves 6 (8oz per serving) $45
Large Group Serves 12 (12oz per serving) $75
Frozen, ready to drink
Small Group Serves 6 (12oz per serving) $45
Large Group Serves 12 (12oz per serving) $75

Rocks 500 cal. per 8oz.
Frozen 580 cal. per 12oz.

Name Serves Price
Small Group Serves 6 (8oz per serving) $45
Large Group Serves 12 (8oz per serving) $75

360 cal. per 8oz.

Name Serves Price
Sangrita Swirl
Small Group Serves 6 (12oz per serving) $45
Large Group Serves 12 (12oz per serving) $75

400 cal. per 12oz.

Taco Selections

Buffalo Chicken Taco

#1 Buffalo chicken

Buffalo chicken
crisp tenders, house buffalo sauce, carrots, bleu cheese, ranch crema, micro celery, flour tortilla | 390 cal.
Rotisserie Chicken Taco

#2 Rotisserie Chicken

Rotisserie Chicken (GF)
queso blanco, roasted corn pico, charred tomato poblano salsa, cilantro, corn tortilla | 300 cal.
Spicy tikka chicken

#3 Spicy tikka chicken

Spicy tikka chicken
crisp tenders, spicy tikka sauce, buttered cilantro basmati rice, raita crema, Thai basil, flour tortilla | 430 cal.
Picnic chicken

#3.5 Picnic chicken

Picnic chicken
roasted chicken, avocado crema, warm honey-dijon potato salad, crispy chicken skin, cilantro, flour tortilla | 400 cal.
Fried paneer

#5 Fried paneer

Fried paneer (V)
tomato chutney, tikka sauce, raita crema, Thai basil, flour tortilla | 320 cal.
Beer Battered Cauliflower Taco

#6.5 Beer battered cauliflower

Beer battered cauliflower (V)
queso blanco, sabor sauce, avocado corn pico, dusted candied pepitas, flour tortilla | 290 cal.
Cuban Pig Taco

#7 Cuban pig

Cuban pig
gruyere cheese, slow-roasted pulled pork, queso blanco, honey ham, peppered bacon, grain mustard, house brined pickles, crisp flour tortilla | 400 cal.
Korean Fried Rice Taco

#8 Korean fried rice

Korean fried rice
egg fried rice, Korean pork, red chile aioli, pickled red onion, jalapenos, grilled pineapple, cilantro, flour tortilla | 450 cal.
Quesa Birria Duo

#9 Quesa Birria Duo‡

Quesa Birria Duo‡
slow-roasted angus brisket, gruyere, queso listo, pickled onion, cilantro, griddled corn tortilla, beef consomé for dipping | 590 cal.
Kobe bacon burger

#10 Kobe bacon burger

Kobe bacon burger
peppered bacon, cheese blend, lettuce, red onion, tomato, house brined pickles, velvet sauce, flour tortilla | 390 cal.
Grilled Flank Steak Taco

#11 Grilled steak

Grilled steak
portobello mushrooms, queso blanco, crispy red onion, Mexican oregano, corn tortilla

#11.5 Chimichurri steak

Chimichurri steak
grilled flank steak, buttered cilantro basmati rice, chimichurri, avocado, pickled fresnos, queso fresco, cilantro, flour tortilla |  390 cal.
Slow Roasted Angus Brisket Taco

#12 Slow-roasted angus brisket

Slow-roasted angus brisket
barbacoa style, red chile aioli, avocado corn pico, queso blanco, micro cilantro, comte cheese encrusted flour tortill | 510 cal.
Sweet Chile Shrimp Taco

#14.5 Sweet chile shrimp

Sweet chile shrimp
panko fried shrimp, sweet chile sauce, kimchee slaw, sriracha aioli, carrots, green onion, flour tortilla | 390 cal.
Grilled Salmon

#15 Grilled salmon‡

Grilled salmon‡ (GF)
napa slaw, citrus lime crema, pickled fresnos, roasted corn pico, avocado crema, micro cilantro, corn tortilla | 220 cal.
Fish N Chips Taco

#16 Fish n’ chips

Fish n’ chips
curry aioli, malted french fries, napa slaw, beer battered cod, micro greens, flour tortilla | 350 cal.
Mexi-Cali Shrimp Taco

#17 Mexi-Cali shrimp

Mexi-Cali shrimp
blackened shrimp, napa slaw, sriracha aioli, avocado corn pico, micro cilantro, flour tortilla | 270 cal.

Food Safety Info

(GF) gluten free (V) vegetarian
✝︎ Ingredients are gluten free. However, the ingredients are cooked in the same area
as items that may contain gluten.
*Cooked to order; these items may be served raw or undercooked. Consuming raw or
undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of
foodborne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions. **Red curry
coconut queso contains traces of shellfish. *** Our kitchen has shared cooking
areas including common fryer oil containing fish, shellfish, eggs, milk, wheat,
and cheese. Please inform a team member if you have allergies.

Nothing turns up your guest’s appetite like quality ingredients and global flavors packed into every catering order. Want to make any gathering unforgettable? Cater boldly.

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