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Try the Weekly Taco Feature #WTF

“WTF” Weekly Taco Feature

Tastes change weekly. That’s why we create a new globally inspired taco every week, 52 weeks a year. And we call it WTF (Weekly Taco Feature). It’s like a world tour for your taste buds.

WTF menu may vary by location. All good things must come to an end: Our WTF menu is based on seasonality, ingredient availability and is available while supplies last.

Crispy BBQ Chicken

crisp tenders, chipotle BBQ sauce, crispy red onions, ‘elote’ corn, napa slaw, ranch crema, micro cilantro, flour tortilla – $5.50

Available: May 25 – May 31

Tuna Nicoise

fingerling potatoes, hard boiled egg, green beans, frisee lettuce, creole vinaigrette, seared tuna, English cucumber, Nicoise olives, chives, lettuce cup – $5.95

Available: June 1 – June 14

Blackened Chicken Cobb

blackened chicken tenders, ranch crema, danish blue cheese, avocado, peppered bacon, tomato, chives, pickled onions, lettuce cup – $5.50

Available: June 8 – June 21

Salmon Salad

salmon patties, velvet sauce, arugula, pickled onions, pickled fresnos, mango relish, micro cilantro, lettuce cup – $5.95

Available: June 15 – June 28