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Top 5 reasons to flock to Velvet Taco’s Backdoor Chicken. 1 – Brined & marinated in-house for 48 hours. 2 – Skip cooking. 3 – Made entirely from scratch. 4 – This magical box of goodness feeds everyone. 5 – $15, only on Mondays. Watcha get:
  • 1 Whole Rotisserie Chicken
  • 6 Tortillas
  • 3 Sides
  • 2 Hot sauces

How This Taco Joint Will Win You Over
With Its Backdoor Chicken

Skip cooking and pick up a scratch-made to-go meal that’ll feed
everyone for just $15

The secret to Backdoor Chicken’s quality and flavor? The entire meal is made with fresh ingredients prepared in-house every day.

  • Whole Rotisserie Chicken – Brined and marinated in-house for 48-hours and then roasted in a rotisserie over an open flame.
  • 6 Tortillas
  • 3 Sides
  • 2 Hot sauces

It doesn’t get fresher than that!

“Backdoor Chicken has been a Velvet Taco staple since we opened our first location in 2011,” said CEO Clay Dover. “The rotisserie chicken blows the doors off your local grocery store options and the meal can conveniently feed a small group of people at an exceptional price. Plus, you can channel your inner chef and create your tacos exactly how you like them in the comfort of your own home, office, or wherever else you take the meal.”

Velvet Taco’s menu features scratch-made everything, including corn tortillas, slowly roasted rotisserie meats, house-made Kick Ass Margaritas and fresh-baked red velvet cake. The restaurant has a one-of-a-kind, funky, fast-casual setting that perfectly complements its eclectic menu featuring unique, international flavors made from only the freshest ingredients.

Velvet Taco has locations in Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, Austin, Chicago, Atlanta and soon can be found in Charlotte. For more information, visit velvettaco/

Exterior of Velvet Taco

About Velvet Taco

Founded in 2011, the Dallas-based concept set out to elevate the taco through globally inspired recipes and the freshest ingredients. The acclaimed restaurant provides a broad sampling of international tastes and inventive combinations, delivering flavors that are as memorable as they are delicious. In 2016, Velvet Taco was awarded Nation’s Restaurant News “Hot Concept.” The taco joint has locations in Austin, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Fort Worth and Houston. For more information, please visit