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Restaurantology: The Velvet Taco ‘Tribe’

Clay Dover is scaling Velvet Taco – and he is doing it fast. But only after years of putting in the time to build a tribal culture of devout team members. Clay and Restaurantology host, Andrew, talk about the importance of creating a culture that is ‘sticky’ and one that retains talent, provides career opportunities and upward mobility. A culture that promotes scale and growth as a reality. But only after it has been established.

One fact they discuss openly: it’s hard. It is VERY hard to be successful at creating a culture that promotes growth and scale. Both Andrew and Clay discuss a few ways that have worked for their restaurant brands to make it a little easier for restaurateurs looking to grow and scale alike. They share the facts – not the pre-packaged answers. The reality of how hard it is to build a ‘tribe-like’ culture in a brand and prime it for growth.

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