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Velvet Taco

Liberate your Breakfast. Now starting at 8:00 am! To-go only. Dallas area only. Farmhouse, Hangover breakfast, Brisket & Cheesy Potatoes, Velvet griddle

Velvet Taco

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Taco Libre

Tacos Without Borders

Velvet Taco

The Velvet Room
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Cater Bold

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Velvet Taco

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Velvet Taco

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Chef measuring herbs

A funky taco spot creating
international flavors.

We’ve made it our mission to deliver a fresh take on the ubiquitous taco – to elevate this humble food to something more. We use a tortilla as a canvas to make our art. The result is over twenty different taco varieties featuring globe-trotting flavors. See our gallery of tacos to find what flavors await. We assure you that you’ve never had a taco like this.