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Try the Weekly Taco Feature #WTF

“WTF” Weekly Taco Feature

Tastes change weekly. That’s why we create a new globally inspired taco every week, 52 weeks a year. And we call it WTF (Weekly Taco Feature). It’s like a world tour for your taste buds.

WTF menu may vary by location. All good things must come to an end: Our WTF menu is based on seasonality, ingredient availability and is available while supplies last.

Bulgogi Walking Taco

bulgogi ground beef, Doritos, napa slaw, kim chi, sriracha aioli, green onion, cucumber – $5.95

Available: September 27 – October 3

The Welly Welly

Dijon glazed filet, mushroom duxelle, crispy prosciutto ham, red wine demi, crispy potatoes, thyme puff pastry, flour tortilla – $6.25

Available: October 4 – October 10

Chicken Parm

crisp tenders, fresh mozzarella, house-made marinara sauce, Thai basil, garlic parmesan gremolata, parmesan crusted tortilla – $5.50

Available: October 11 – October 17

Crab Cake

crispy crab cakes, napa slaw, lemon zest, louie sauce, lettuce wrap – $5.95

Available: October 18 – October 24