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Try the Weekly Taco Feature #WTF

June's WTF Lineup

Tastes change weekly. That’s why we create a new globally inspired taco every week, 52 weeks a year. And we call it WTF (Weekly Taco Feature). It’s like a world tour for your taste buds.

Baby Back Ribs

pork ribs, Dr Pepper® BBQ sauce, fennel apple slaw, cherry jalapeno salsa, crispy jalapenos, corn tortilla ⁠–⁠ $5.50

Available: June 5 - June 11

Huli Huli Chicken

crisp tenders, soy pineapple BBQ sauce, grilled pineapple, buttered cilantro rice, scallions, cilantro, flour tortilla ⁠–⁠ $5.25

Available: June 12 - June 18

Mushroom & Asparagus

portobello mushrooms, grilled asparagus, elote corn, chimichurri, queso fresco, pickled onions, corn tortilla ⁠–⁠ $5.50

Available: June 19 - June 25

Shrimp Ceviche

aji amarillo aioli, tomato, avocado, crispy red onions, micro cilantro, lettuce wrap ⁠–⁠ $5.50

Available: June 26 - July 2